Sydney is Houdini

I know I haven't posted in weeks. Please forgive me. I've been pretty busy. I'm getting back into riding more again, the fall semester has started, and I started a new job.

During the past few days, Sydney has become somewhat of an escape artist. It began earlier this week when my mom caught her messing with the feeder doors. The feeder doors are the type that just slide up. I never use them because I didn't want Sydney to figure out that they open. Somehow she figured it out anyway.

Within a day, Sydney made her first escape. I was just in the other room and heard her chirping. I went to the living room and saw her outside of her cage. I hurriedly got her back in her cage (I was leaving for work), and put a twist tie on the door she had used for a temporary fix. I went to work.

That evening, she managed to get out again. I had only put a twist tie on one feeder door; the other feeder door had a perch on it, so I didn't think she could get out that way. So, I put zip-ties on both the feeder doors. All was good.

But then, last night, I was sitting in the living room and she got out again! She did it when I was right there and I didn't see how she did it. I looked at her cage, and found a spot where the bars weren't evenly spaced. But, I wasn't sure if that was how she got out. Seeing as it was already late in the evening, I went ahead and put her to bed, thinking she'd stay in her cage until morning when I uncovered her and took a closer look at her cage.

This morning, though, when I walked through the living room, what did I see on the table? Sydney, sitting quite proudly on the napkin holder. She chirped at me, totally pleased that she had gotten out of her cage yet again.

I put zip-ties on the bars where I think she is getting out. So far, she has stayed in her cage, and it seems like she is looking for a new way to get out.


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